How to turn a review around, and other stories

A review of my first submission on Newgrounds (Westminster Tune ~ Preuve de foi) read:

I spoke to God the other day. I told him I wanted to surpass him, and he said Yes.
One day, I plan on proving myself in some way.
Youll see. When the world ends, itll be ME standing up on that stage!

And in response, I wrote:

'I spoke to God the other day, and I told Him I want to make people cry, move people's hearts... and make it so that people will never forget.
He gave me these sufferings, trials and tribulations.
And from these, I make music that I hope has touched many a hardened heart.'
I certainly hope the reviewer in question finds out about Version II of Westminster Tune ~ Preuve de foi and comes to understand the rationale behind my response.

It has been more than a year since Version I of Westminster Tune was finished. I have learnt a lot in a year, and I really do hope this piece is something to look forward to. The regular users on Newgrounds' Audio Portal have been ever so helpful to me, giving me pointers I otherwise wouldn't have learnt. Some of them quickly picked up my ideas. Through our conversations I learned how to mix and master, how to vary tempos, even how to pick good sounds for a piece. Now, I do these things naturally.

If anyone were to ask me what I stand for, and what my music stands for... I stand for the Faith. I stand for joy, and outpouring of emotion. I stand for Love, even though sometimes, it can be painful. I am not here for commercially-successful music, because I would be compromising myself in order to gain profit. I am here, hoping to write songs that touch the very depths of the soul. God has given me a talent, and wants me to build on it. That, I will gladly do.


Today I had a mini-adventure at De Havilland Campus.

When I found out the lecturer I wanted to see had gone for a meeting, I wanted to go to the LRC without leaving the building much, but then realised much of it was blocked due to construction work. I spent about twenty minutes climbing flights upon flights of stairs, navigating the corridors, going into empty classrooms by mistake.... and finally finding an exit close to the LRC. I spent much of my time on the first floor looking for fire exits that actually could be used, and when I finally found one, I was relieved. Better still: the emergency exit to the LRC was open, so I didn't have to walk around the building to get in!

Navigating through unknown corridors just for the fun of it makes me feel very much like a little child again. ♥ I was tired at the end of it all, but it was well worth the walk.


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