Thoughts leading up to the Faith Summer Conference

From left: Sophia, Sylvia, Isabelle, Evelina, Stacey, myself, Fr Mark, Damian, Gonçalo, Christo, Peter, Kennedy, Dannie and Michael. I really want to include more, but this paper only had space for fourteen people!

During this time leading up to the Faith Summer Conference in Woldingham School, Surrey, we at the University of Hertfordshire's Catholic Society are getting a visual identity at last. T-shirts, logo, the like. People are finally going to be able to pick us apart. We'll be stepping into that hall wearing purple. Considering we're one of the top Catholic Societies in the UK, it's about time!

I must say, I am excited, and I am looking forward to it. ^_^ I'm looking forward to it especially because the Faith Movement are celebrating their 40th anniversary, so it's going to be an absolute blast.

This evening, I found a letter addressed to me in the mail room — it was the programme for the Faith Conference. The theme for this year is going to be "The Year of Faith: Reasons for Believing". I am looking forward to this year's lineup, and I'm looking forward to taking down notes during the talks/catechesis.

And I'm also hoping to snag a recording or two in the music room! ^_-

I will be updating with pictures and videos. Keep watch for updates after 3 August!


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