Visions of Heaven, ep. 2: The City

In writing this post, I wish to address all those who think Heaven is just some boring white realm where people wave palm branches and say, "Holy, holy, holy." This vision of Heaven is based on what Christ said: "I have come that they may have life, and live it to the full."

With that, I present to you Episode 2 in this series — The City.

Image sourced from The picture was taken during World Youth Day 2011.
Heaven is going to be a city -- I cannot begin to picture what it looks like. Glistening pavements? Perhaps the glistening pavements we have here in Britain are a taster. Majestic buildings? Maybe, just maybe. But one thing's for sure: this picture above, taken by a person who attended World Youth Day 2011, has only managed to capture a slice of what heaven will be -- and a thin slice at that.

World Youth Day 2011 was a celebration of faith, a celebration of joy and of being together as one huge Catholic family. People were waving flags out of joy all over the streets. People were eager to meet other young people, exchange tiny gifts, sign flags and WYD paraphernalia... At every corner we could hear young people clapping, cheering, dancing, singing, and often with a lone drummer accompanying them. It was public, out in the open on the streets of Madrid; you could hear and feel the excitement, and even sink into it. People were not afraid to pray and/or sing hymns in the open, people were not afraid to walk with rosaries on their wrists or necks... Everyone participated in the sacred liturgy, everyone took pride in the Faith.

Heaven is going to be like that, except even more awesome... and we'll have no one pretending that there are riots against good people anymore, because there will never be.

I had a visual picture of Heaven.... I imagined that I was tackled by Christo and Mark (Tanner) up there. Then, I met my mother. All the people whom I cherished and had kept the faith right till the very end were there. Then there was a parade of angels -- it was the most resplendent victory parade I had ever imagined. Gold, white and silver floats, lights and technology, banners, crosses, palm leaves...... and a mere atmosphere of immense joy -- joy that I couldn't find anywhere else. Then, all of us cheered as we ushered Jesus in.

This picture I have is an imperfect picture, but I hope it helps that I can share with you the inklings I have in my head of what Heaven will truly be like.

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