Awards Day 2006

The stage was set, and the Education Minister's wife Datin Sri Marsilla Abdullah was there to grace the occasion. She, being an ex-CBN girl, could perhaps persuade her source (i.e. her husband) to take into consideration the fact that CBN produced excellent people from the beginning of its time !

Me receiving the prize from Datin Sri Marsilla. There's only one student there : blue-and-white baju kurung complete with name tag !

The PMR high achievers sharing a light moment. There're so many of them.....

Try to spot me !

Towards the end of the Awards Day ceremony I staged my performance. I did a duet, "Kasih" with Zafirah Azman. Yes, the song which had to go through several cuts and edits. I'm the one at the piano.

Zafirah's the one in blue, on the steps.

I didn't get any other prizes for Form 3 and Form 4 - except the PMR excellence prize. I felt that it was enough. Later that day, Zafirah and I staged a performance. We sang Kasih. But at that point in time I felt that the limelight was being taken away from me, again. Gosh, I must've tolerated a lot all this while.


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