I quit !

Well, about the FM thing - I quit.

They'd obviously put the famous people on stage, and leave the newbies alone. So instead of the main stage, I got shifted to Outback Restaurant - I was afraid it would be sone kind of watering-hole. And again, if the people complain, or react, or even put up a fight - even my parents would not be able to control them ! And if it ever is a watering-hole - (I hope you DO know what I mean) - well, I'm already representing my school and they would be furious ! You could imagine what'd happen after excessive wine-drinking. So, this was for the better of everyone else.
I quit.

And come to think of it - I would have performed right afte One Buck Short and Frequency Cannon, there I would be able to make a name for myself. Now, I do not know whether such chances would ever come again. I am praying for chances now, with hopes that I would get at least another chance this year. I'm sad, heartbroken to the core but c'est la vie ! I actually cried myself to sleep on the FM night. By then, my slot was already over and the people would be out there partying until late night.

This could be official, but I may never be able to represent my school for FM ever again. Next year, I have my O-levels and there is no chance my parents would ever let me get involved in anything - practically. It's heartbreaking to note that all my effort and all my video-editing came to nothing...


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