Hey, I know it's been a long time since I got online and updated this space... but well, here I am. I might go offline till October the 3rd due to my final examinations.

What's 9303, you ask ? Well... it's the code for the SPM French test. So it is that I just received my past-years' 9303 tests from Jebbie yesterday. I came home and took a good look at the papers. Earlier on, I had a few remarks... Jebbie and Kim Li told me it was just like B1, while my French teacher [just call him DK] told me it was just like A2. So I took a good look at the papers for myself.

The papers were so easy !!! And ridiculously, they had to be completed in two hours and thirty measly minutes ! Any proficient French-speaker would complete them in a maximum of an hour. All we had were a single passage, a grammar cloze, completing dialogue sections and... thinking of what words to say in the given situations ! What was even worse was this : why don't write "10 notes" and end up writing "10 markah" for 10 points ?? Or end up writing "Bahasa Perancis" for "Fran­­çais" ?? This can't be happening... Make it like real life ; this is my sincere suggestion to whoever sets the paper.

Seriously, whoever is in charge of setting the 9303 paper is making a mockery of the French test. Why can't they set SPM like... B1 ? Or something worthy of the O-levels ? This is so pathetic ! I bet even the least experienced in French-Speakers Unite can tell me this is nothing but waste !

Well... I'd best return the papers to Jebbie when I meet her in school on Monday. Alliance Fran­­çaise [the French Alliance] is in charge of the 9303 tests... if I'm not mistaken. And then again, probably only its students gain access to the past years' papers. And now I seem to have violated the rules. If Alliance Française finds out about this, I am toast.


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