What a day !

As if it were not enough that I had a test on Twelfth Night with hardly any warning, I had to mark someone else's paper. And as though it was always fated, my paper went to *drum roll* Faith.

Meanwhile, I looked at the papers around me. Christine had Johanna's paper, Johanna had Andreanna's paper, Faith had my paper and I had Krishna's paper. (Wait, what was his name again ?) And I do not know who else had anyone's paper. After a careful observation of the test papers around me, I was waiting to get my red pen and sit down to business. Ms Sunbeam told us to leave the content matters to her. All we had to do was correct grammatical mistakes. But really, the kind of bloopers you can find in test papers.......

"At the end of the story, Olivia."
Okay. I understand. This poor soul didn't manage to finish her paper. But well... the ending does sound funny !

"Viola mourned for her lost brother Sebastian for seven years after the shipwreck."
LOL. Goodness, someone didn't get the facts right ! Olivia was the only character in Twelfth Night to have declared a period of mourning for seven years !

"The Duke of Orsino..."
Now, it is either Duke Orsino or the Duke of Illyria. There is no such terminology in Twelfth Night as "The Duke of Orsino" - neither is there a place we know which is called Orsino.

And then, as if it were not enough that those bloopers were to happen, here comes the major blooper - "is," "was," "are" and "were" were all misplaced. I know. I told this to mom when I arrived at the hospital. Aunty Debbie was there (after so long, but she did say she would come down to KL by the end of August, and she has been keeping in touch regularly with dad) and even she was appalled !

What else happened over my side ?

Well, it was during the Literature break (when almost everyone left the class, and that too, was after answering the question and marking the papers) - only Praba, Daween, Faith, Andreanna and a few others were left in the class. I had my fried rice, went out to get a breath of fresh air, and went out to look at the notice board. There was a note saying something about the prom night. Well, to be held in December, that is. Prom committee members wanted, performers wanted too. I hoped I could try to sing, so I went to the nearby classroom - 4C (see, we were having our lecture at 4B while in 4A, the huge lecture hall, there was renovation going on). I didn't turn on the lights. All I brought with me was my phone. I browsed the playlist, turned on Carly Smithson's "Blackbird", and sang along with it. Hoping to have good voice control, I just kept on singing. I was about to let myself go when suddenly, some people passed by. And then... Felicia opened the door, she got scared, I got scared too.

When I came into the classroom, I asked the people there whether I scared them. And yes, Praba told me I scared them out of their five wits. I felt so sorry for them and told them I wouldn't sing again (that partly owing to the fact that I have nowhere to practise).
Nothing much otherwise.

Our dear de facto leader won the by-election today.
God bless Malaysia. Let us see a change, a revival in the country.


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