Et la vie continue...

You know what ? The weirdest thing happened to me this afternoon during Literature class.

It came to pass that Ms Sunbeam had a major headache, she asked me to go see Gurvin the receptionnist and get one Panadol.

So I went to the front desk, which was not very far from the class (it was held right here in the computer lab), only to find that Gurvin was on the phone. Kevin and Mr Jothi were both there. So, as I ran there, I was actually gasping for breath, and in between, I was asking Kevin for a Panadol. And this is what we all said (yellow for me, blue for Kevin, and red for Mr Jothi) :

- Please la Kevin, Ms Sunbeam's got a major headache.
- Why ? I suppose you all gave her a major headache ?
- No, she did tell me that she didn't have enough sleep.
- Er, no, I'm somehow certain that you all gave her the headache.
- Look, I know we're all training to be lawyers, but let's not be judgemental here.
- Nice words.

Never mind about the impressive defence - Kevin pulled out the first aid kit from the bottom of the desk, opened the Panadol box and gave me a full strip of Panadol !

I was overwhelmed. While laughing, I thanked him and rushed back to class. And while Adoravelle and Kimberly were there, I came to Ms Sunbeam and gave her the strip of Panadol, and I told her what happened. She gave that weird look - like, what on earth was going on, ya ? - and soon enough, she realised that Kevin gave her an overdose. Well, class is over now and Ms Sunbeam has already gone to the front desk to return the strip to Kevin. Just one tablet will do, merci !

Vanaja and her best bud was in the front row with me eariler, and she asked me why I brought a whole strip of Panadol. I told her everything that happened. Then she asked me, why run to the front desk ? Like something serious happened ! I told her, I'm serious about medicine. I'm not going to be like that apathetic lot who were given the responsibility to take care of mom - and failed. So while I'm at it, I might as well be serious about the medicine I'm administering.

Ah well, nothing can touch her now. Except God. She, on earth, is a thing, as it were.


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