This place is a bit too quiet for my liking

KL has become a ghost town, while other towns (notably Ipoh) have heavy traffic.

I'm living in the outskirts of KL and I feel the haunting silence more than many people do, because the majority of my neighbours are Chinese. The past few days have been hot (and by hot I mean scorching hot), with very little rain.

I guess this silence befits a loner like me.

With all that silence I've been sitting down and writing. Writing, searching for pictures, to give people a stunning story.

I'm busy looking through Flickr for proper pictures. Well. It's been three days since I sat on this article. Babel Fishing the end product might sound a bit funny, but it'll be touching. Trust me. I know. You don't need to be a French-speaker to understand the impact this article's gonna give.


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