I come. I drum. I conquer.

I haven't been playing the drums for days due to all that schoolwork taking up my time. So today, I finally got the bulk of it done. It was almost 2:00 in the afternoon when I entered the common room again, after so long.

I put on my sweater, dusted the drumheads and cymbals, and warmed up.

And I beat my heart out for the next thirty-five minutes.

If it's already been ten days since Chinese New Year and the season is bound to come to a close in five days, and not a single rhythm from the expected festivities actually breaks the silence in Desa Petaling, then someone has to provide the beat. Someone has to rock the condominium and stir other hearts to dance/to admire the pulsation.

With every drumbeat, I honoured the Lord.

I just wanted to do more, even at this stage where I hardly know any good rhythms.

Well - someday I will do more.


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