Everything seemed okay, I guess.

Except for Tort class.

In the morning, during Literature class, Ms Sunbeam turned into a slave-driver, so to speak. :D

It so happened that notre cher Soleil asked us to learn up the character of Michael Henchard in Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge on Wednesday. We were supposed to write about how Hardy uses the character of Henchard to remind readers that "character is fate". And so we did. And most of the scripts she received were badly written - poor subject-verb agreement, confusion of tenses, bad spelling................ and despite having read the notes some two days ago, most of us still couldn't make it.

So after the break, she asked us to read on the theme of fate.

And you know what - we had to reproduce the contents of those notes on fate like, thrice ?!

Well, if bad grammar is still prevalent in our Lit class, looks like this'll be our fate every Friday. We will be made to sit and write incessantly, just as we did today. To be honest, I was tired of writing........ I was one of the last to leave the class due to my writing speed towards the end. I began to slow down... and my script became bigger and bigger and bigger (due to complaints that my handwriting is illegible).

When that was over, we had a two-hour break. I searched for Ms Meera, but to no avail. And then........ Tort class. I suffered through it all.


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