I haven't been writing much of late.

But I remember my Public Law lecturer asked for me back when I still wasn't in college. Because there was this French term that everyone found difficult to pronounce. And for some reason, I'm always associated with the French language.

Tomorrow's my first Public Law lecture.

Just so you know, I got back into college this Tuesday and yeah, it's good to be home.

I guess I'll officially announce my return just before the Public Law tutorial, when the lecturer comes into class.

Yes, I'm back, and feeling more confident than ever. I remember back in A-Levels I was plagued by uncertainty. I just wanted to be myself, but I felt like there were constraints everywhere I went. Dealing with the ogres of my past, being a leader and an inspiration to others at least for three months helped me to overcome that problem to a great extent. I am well aware that I'm taking a degree in law, of all fields, and I've no intention of practising in court. But I know for sure that it's going to be the ticket to the career and life of my dreams. So I made it clear to myself that I'll be aiming for the best - first class honours, and nothing less.


Well, right now, there's another francophone in the class : I'm simply gonna call him Yannick. He's the authority when it comes to the French language now, not me (because he IS half French). So I guess I save myself the embarrassment of having to get everyone to follow me in the pronunciation, though I wonder if the lecturers are actually going to let me off stock-free.


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