Draft dialogue #1

Okay, an introduction to this Dialogue section : every one of these dialogues is based on what was actually said in my National Service stint. So which means, there's a high possibility that this will enter into the CDSN musical, though if the story calls for a twist and people request that a particular dialogue be omitted, I'll omit it.

As for character companies, they will be denoted by the colours of their lines. If it's a shade of red, it's Alpha ; if blue, Bravo ; if yellow, Charlie ; if green, Delta. Greys and blacks denote neutral characters. Sometimes people from the same company might be talking to each other, so I'll be using different shades of a particular colour. Note, however, that this is nearly impossible for Charlie !

So, here goes :

It's the last day of practice before Patriots' Night. Aimée is requested by Senior Kitanji to bring the background music tracks which she had saved. In a rush she brings them to him, and he plays a snippet of the song which we're going to write for the Patriots' Night performance (currently unconfirmed.) Kitanji calls his father, who is also a trainer from the Arts Society in Sauveterre, and they both listen.

Kitanji : Dad, listen to this.
Akaghi : I'm listening.

Kitanji : Aimée, we're putting you into tonight's performance.
Aimée : WHAT ?!
Kitanji : *grabs mic* Attention to all who are performing (name of song), I need all of you right in front of the stage now !


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