Draft dialogue #2

Towards the end of Aimée's conscription...

Jules : Aimée ?
Aimée : Hm ?
Jules : You know, I really admire you.
Aimée : How come ?
Jules : You braved three months of conscription, you were the most active contributor to every single event, you were the life of every party and you didn't hurt anyone. And then again, people came out to hurt you, and... I just don't understand why they'd wanna hurt you. You're a good girl.
Aimée : Let's face it : a person who does good deeds is never accepted in his own hometown. I'm happy to note that I have a lot of strong supporters and friends from here in Point-Neuf. But I've gotta face the reality that I'm soon to return to Lumine, the place where I call home. And even if only a few people from Lumine have supported me, I have to stay as strong as I am now.


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