A joke from catechism

I remember back when I was preparing for my Sacrament of Confirmation, one facilitator shared a joke with us, the confirmands. I'm not sure which facilitator that was, but I told my fellow morte-vivante plastique the joke yesterday and we had a good laugh.

The point wasn't the funniness. The point to ponder after reading this joke is...... how faithful we are, and how ready we are to filter out the junk that gets into our heads.

So anyway, it goes like this :

There's this certain guy, all desolate, and he turns to the Scriptures for solace. But he does it the wrong way. He just closes his eyes and points on any random quote.

It so happened that on one of those bad days, he opened the Bible again and he closed his eyes, flipped the pages and pointed to a random quote, just as he usually did. This time, it fell within the scope of the New Testament. The quote read :

"And Judas went and hanged himself."

He sensed that something was amiss, so he tried again. This time, it read :

"Go, do likewise."

Feeling that his hands were playing tricks on him, he pointed to a random quote once more. And this time, it read :

"Whatever you have to do, do it quickly."


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