Of dissertations and energy-draining research

I have been given two dissertations - one for Criminal Law and one for Public Law, both to be submitted by January 2010.

And so I began my research on the legal databases hoping to find something that would be of good use to me. I began my research on LexisNexis.

My search keywords - all of them - returned zero results.

Not sure why, but I suppose I might've picked the wrong jurisdiction. Anyway. *clears throat* Irked, I went onto Westlaw and it helped me to a greater extent. However, online research proves to have its difficulties too. For my Criminal Law dissertation, all the related texts I can find revolve around case law, whilst for Public Law, I can find a host of law journals and independent texts. Since on legal databases like these, we are allowed to e-mail the search results to our own addresses, I did just that.

I know that today's research alone isn't enough. Yes, I may have collected a host of texts but I'll still need to explore even further. And what's more, there are law books which I haven't touched and opened yet. If you haven't seen how thick a law book is, then I think I should tell you that it can range from the thickness of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to the thickness of Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat.

Which makes you wonder how in the past, law students did their research and finally managed to get called to the Bar. Praise God for online research, though I wish that my searches may return a balance of case law and legal journals.

Here's hoping that with all these efforts put together, I may be able to deliver a good assignment. God willing.


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