Drums... and more drums. *drools*


The beat of the drum makes my heart race, especially if the drummer plays well.
And if the beat of the drum makes my heart race, then anyone who beats a drum, at least for a few seconds, makes me drool. No, it doesn't matter if it's a guy or a girl.

Quite a few of my background music files are heavy on percussions, or are composed ENTIRELY of them. I actually put them in a folder, "Dossier Interdit" (Forbidden Folder), and whenever I have the chance, I just whip out my headset, plug it into the phone and listen all to myself... well, at least the Lord is listening with me. But no one else is !

Point is, I'm a drum fanatic.

Today again, after so long, I played the drums, but I felt lost and I didn't know where to start. It's been months since I last played. I didn't want to get back to grooves, so I just kept a simple taiko beat. It was deep, and my heart raced. I was calling out to the Lord, because I knew I could share this beat with him. And yet, I was also imagining myself sharing that same beat with my friends.

Then I stopped. I was like, is it too loud ? I tried recording myself. I failed. I grew tired, and I turned off the power.

But if I remember correctly, I spent almost half an hour banging the drum, trying my level best to come up with something beautiful. It wasn't entirely beautiful to me, but I know that one day, it will become something beautiful.


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