Left to right, top to bottom : Rouge, Ultramarine, Melen, Verdâtre, Typhon, Schweiss, Étoile, Sauveterre, Nagareboshi and Diablo. I don't know why Verdâtre's emote came out with a black BG though......

My first set of emoticons, all done in GIMP. The basic circle/shape was done on PowerPoint, and I'm quite pleased with the result for most of them (most of them can be seen here). I found the original tutorial here, but it's for Corel Paintshop, and since I only have GIMP, I did a great deal of modifications here and there until I was pleased with the result.

My personal favourite is Étoile, because he's blue, and starry, and has a happy face ^_^

I'll be working on more soon - perhaps.

Oh, and I almost forgot to add these :

The wallpaper featuring Rouge, Ultramarine, Melen, Verdâtre and Typhon, representative of the five companies in Le Carnet du Service National.

Like it ? Support me by buying the print here !

The wallpaper featuring the first eight emotes I worked on.

Like it ? Support me by buying the print here !


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