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Tomorrow's my Criminal Law paper, and after tomorrow, I can kick my shoes off and relax !
I'm not the least bit worried about Contract now, and I must admit that after the lecturers told me how students from the previous batches worried about Criminal Law, I must be on my guard now. I had an OH TEH NOES ! moment not very long ago but now, at least I know our lecturer's marking the papers before they get screened.

In the meantime, I've been doing a lot of things - emotes, photo-manipulation and whatnot. Since these works are on deviantArt already, I might as well put them up here for all of you to see.


In light of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 (click on the link if you haven't any idea of what it is), my nails, at least, will be painted blue, white and red, and I'll do everything I can to don my favourite team colours during their matches. I'll be supporting Les Bleus, just as I did in the previous World Cup. Almost the whole thing was done on GIMP (for the scoop on how I made the emotes, you can find it here) while the text was added on PowerPoint.

And if you're seeking to download the emotes separately to show love for the French football team, you could always make use of these :

The emotes with the Tricolore as a backdrop. Note that I did the Tricolore freehand. I'm actually proud with the result, because it looks like it's been coloured in with a felt pen (when in actual fact, all I did was use the Fuzzy Circle brush on GIMP) ! And I'm especially proud because I only started using GIMP in mid-February this year, and now mid-May is approaching. Three months and I've managed to do this ! Praise the Lord ! ^_^

The three emotes themselves, without the flag.

And these are the separate emotes. I''m making them free, because I'm sure there'll be quite a number of France supporters (though I'm not sure how many would stumble upon this space). I haven't named these emotes yet, but if I ever do name them, they'd be called (from left to right) Liberté, Égalité and Fraternité (lit. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity).

MOAR emotes :

Pretty cute-looking thing, eh ? Yes, I know this one's pretty stereotypically coloured pink and yellow, but I somehow think this is one of my best. Ever.

Country First

This work, titled "Country First", is currently the display picture for Facebook group "Geng PLKN Sungai Rait, Miri", a group which unites all ex-trainees of Camp Miri in Sungai Rait. For the uninitiated, I was in Camp Miri, Sungai Rait for three months for compulsory conscription. Prior to having this picture, we only had a stylised National Service logo, and I didn't want us to stick with that.

Cikgu Hafiz took this image back when we were singing either Standing in the Eyes or some other patriotic song. I cropped it, added the tint, text and National Service logo on PowerPoint. Then I passed the image on GIMP and drew a Malaysian flag freehand, with almost full transparency. Again, I'm proud of the result.

The slogan "Country First. The rest is collateral damage" came from a Nike promotional poster for the Malaysian football team jersey, which is yellow with black stripes. I was taken in by the tagline, which had an underlying, depressing message. I wanted the people reading this to know that despite the happiness depicted in the photo, it wasn't entirely a bed of roses. Group 3 Series 6 was downright depressing.

Heroines in our own little way

The picture was taken by Monica, a Delta trainee, with my camera phone (Sony Ericsson K500i) towards the end of my National Service stint, and the entire process of tinting, adding text and scribbling is the same as for the previous photo.

There's me, Léa and Juliane in the picture - I was a Bravo trainee, Léa was from Alpha and Juliane was from Delta. I wanted to show that despite the odds, we managed to stick together till the end. Also, I wanted to do something special with the "trademark" of National Service, so to speak - the blue combat uniforms often depicted in the media.

Soirée du spectacle

The title literally means "Evening of performance, concert etc.". Manipulation methods are the same as for the above pictures.

It was actually one of the pictures taken during Patriots' Night, or Malam Penghayatan Kemerdekaan, where I was singing Jalur Gemilang. Imagine if those lights around us really appeared ! ^_^

Remember That Day

This was also taken during Patriots' Night, and manipulated the same way. I mean, shots of people lifting their fists into the air and shouting MERDEKA ! (lit. "Independence") can be rather poignant. I took a shot done by Cikgu Dzul and everything else was done freehand. I was watching from the sidelines at that moment, and when cries of MERDEKA ! were heard, our night was about to come to a close. I remember that moment, and the number of times it was captured on photo (at least thrice), so I put in a stark message for every Malaysian to see : 310857 - REMEMBER THAT DAY.


On a side note, the French Arts and Film Festival starts this 13th May, which is also Ascension Thursday and the last day of my exams. I'd love to be there and check it out !


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