Games Night, in selected images (part 1)

Yesterday there were two social events : Games Night and Quiz Night. One was held in the Main Building, the other was held in the EleHouse bar. I decided to go for Games Night - but I didn't know what I was in for. :D

Before it all began

Football. Apparently known to bring people together. Believe me, these people don't stop even after a timeout is called.

From left : Emmanuel, Michelle, Alexander and Sabina. They were in the midst of discussing how Games Night should be carried out.

Manny busting a few moves on stage. (Video coming soon !)

The hall when it began to be filled with people.

Note the coloured papers on the sides of the wall. It was for one of our games ; we were divided into four teams and each of us had to run and grab the sheets of coloured paper corresponding to our team colours in 2 minutes. At the end of it all the coloured papers would be tallied.

When it began

The Jam Circle. Now it's like this : we had to form a circle and dance. The people at the centre guided us with the moves.

The opener.

Lining up for the next activity. I'm right at the front.

I'm not sure if the person in front was me...

Cops and robbers. Now the objective of the game is this : Person A is taken out of each team, and he becomes the cop. Person B is the "killer", and he kills his victims by winking at them. So if you're winked at, you have to sit down or play dead. And the job of Person A is to find out who the killer is.

Boogie time. : )

The rule for this game was : when the music starts, dance ; when the music stops, SIT DOWN AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN ! Our butts ached... >_<

More boogie-ing.

Yellow Team's "mummy". It was a pitiful case...
Now the objective of the game was to cover a person up with an entire roll of toilet paper without even showing a millimetre of his/her skin, clothes or hair. But at the end of the day, for this round, and to me, it didn't matter who won - what mattered more was that the volunteer suffocated. o.O

Green Team's "mummy".

Coming soon :
Games Night, in selected images (part 2)
Games Night, in videos


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