ReFreshers' this year is at the Forum Hertfordshire on the 28th of January !

And I've been confirmed to have a floor spot. So I have ten days more to prepare whatever it is that I'm going to sing. I might consider missing this month's Open Mic for preparation. This is the first time I've taken to a big stage in years. And what's more, it's a professional stage, complete with lighting - I don't know if it'll be on for my performance, but I might consider requesting it.

After that, it's up to you ! There's the poll on the sidebar - please, do vote and tell me which songs from the list you'd love to hear ! Note that I don't include anything and everything - I need to stay true to my style.

I'll be blogging on Soapbox and updating on what I'm doing. I want to make it a marvellous experience - I can make an effort - and I'll need you, and most of all, I'll need the Lord.

On a side note, today is the day of submission for our EU law coursework, and I've finally submitted it - electronically and in print. What's left is that I've got a Commercial Law mock exam next week, along with Land Law coursework and mooting for Tort. Yay -___-

Stay tuned for more !


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