A work from 2006


I want to see you face to face,
‘Till you find yourself and where to start.
[To tell you to live on, though I depart.]
I want to feel your warmth and grace
[I want to feel the warmth ‘f your embrace,]
Till death, forever, do us part.
And heads will roll and skies will darken between us forevermore
And all I ask is why I have to leave now, I implore !

[Though thorns may prick us, ‘tis a bed of roses, truly, that grows —
Yet now I fear our happiness is come to its close.]
Before I leave [you in] this perfect place
I want your love from the heart
[I will ever hold you, deep in my heart.]


And let me leave, yeah… All’s well and ends well
[And though I leave, let all be well and all end well…]
Let me cry, yeah… All’s well and ends well
[And though we cry, let all be well and all end well…]

I wanna see you once again
[I want to see you one more time,]
Till we go into our separate ways
[Though we must go our separate ways.]
I don’t wanna be in disdain
[Though all the world grows gray with rime,]
Breaking all our hopes from these days
[You make summer ‘f my last days.]
And when the time has come I’ll have to go back to [make my home] where I belong
And so it’s now or never, you won’t be seeing me for long !
[And so I cannot live as though life were long.]
Before you walk home in the rain
Know that I’ll be with you always

Do those lyrics sound overly emo or what ?

The provisory title is My Bequests — I'm thinking of retitling this song. Right now I'm in the midst of resequencing it on Fruity Loops.

When I wrote this song in 2006, I had no idea mom was going to die that way. I didn’t know it was a premonition of sorts. The idea for this set of lyrics, and ultimately, this song, is quite macabre. After witnessing several unfortunate souls being carried out from the intensive care unit (and from the high dependency ward) to the mortuary....... anyone would conclude that being in hospital is depressing. And thus this song, melodramatic as it is, goes out to all those who have lost their loved ones to illnesses, or medical blunders. I should know how you feel, because I lost my mom in the same way as you did. And, melodramatic as it may seem, she spent 99 days in hospital. She died on the 100th day. A perfectly sad ending.

Some time later I re-recorded my playing in my phone and handed it over to a friend, complete with the lyrics. But I didn’t sing into it because imagine – throaty voice and .amr recording – what a complete mess it’ll be ! She liked it. I somehow was moved by the song when I first recorded it. My teacher was moved. I guess I did accomplish my first mission – to touch hearts. And this was the first English song I ever wrote.

Yet, I'm aware that it's subject to revision, and that there needs to be a new title and possibly a new set of lyrics.

In case you need an idea of the look and feel :
  • Those of you who remember the time Hallmark Channel existed, I had used the main chord pattern from a jingle for the trailer for Fielder's Choice. However, I can't find it on YT...
  • Read my article "Whatever happened to the medical profession ?"  
  • Watch the ending of Final Fantasy X (yes, the one where Tidus disappears into pyreflies - dies).
  • Also watch these Kingdom Hearts clips : Another Side Another Story, Deep Dive and Sora v Roxas - for the rain and the darkness. These can easily be found on YouTube. 
  • Listen to Coldplay — Clocks, from middle section to the end. Look out for the upper register piano. I might be making use of that.


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